Take our Bullet Journal Challenge!

The humble paper notebook has enjoyed a renaissance over the last few years, with business leaders such as Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Tim Ferris revealing that they always have pen and paper handy to track every potentially amazing idea and important to-do. Enter Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal (aka “BuJo”).

Save your brain!

As David Allen says in Getting Things Done, “your mind is for having ideas, not holding them”. Carroll’s pen-and-paper BuJo system gets all your reminders and ideas out of your head, leaving your brain free to be creative, engaged and productive.  It’s easy to learn, simple to use, agile and completely customisable. We recommend it as an ideal, flexible productivity tool for professionals and anyone with a busy life!

How do I get started?

All you need is a pen, a notebook and a little time to get started. Ryder Carroll explains the original BuJo system here:


Make it yours

Your BuJo is completely customisable to your needs. Over time, I’ve discovered new elements to include (I’m looking at you, habit tracker… and goal pages… and reading lists) and I’ve dropped off sections that weren’t working so well for me. For example, I now keep all the ‘monthly log’ information in my calendar app.

There are endless blogs, pictures and ideas available online, but don’t get too lost or daunted in your research; it doesn’t need to be a work of art! It’s a productivity tool, first and foremost. The best BuJo is the one that makes your life easier.

The Bullet Journal Challenge

Today is #bulletjournalday, so we challenge you to try a BuJo for the next three weeks and see what difference it makes to your life.

  • Set up your BuJo as shown in the video.
  • Each evening, choose 3 priorities (at most) that you really want or need to get done tomorrow.
  • When you start your day, tackle your priorities first, then work through any other to-do items.

Review your progress each evening, and fall asleep feeling proud of what you did achieve, rather than stewing over what you did not. If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up, just pick it up the next day. Life happens: your priorities will sometimes change. Don’t sweat it, your BuJo can take it! Make changes as needed and let your brain relax, safe in the knowledge that everything is taken care of in one place.

Give it a try, and let us know how it changed your life!